Steel and Screw Pile Applications

Our selection of steel and screw piles caters to a broad range of pile applications:

  • Residential Steel Screw Piles (Our industry leading solution for precision installation and durability for various load capacities)
  • Multi-Residential and Unit Development (With solutions designed for your development, we are a specialised addition to your onsite team).
  • Beam and Joist Subfloor Piles (Fast installation to support bearers and posts).
  • Commercial Projects (Piling Systems for all shapes and sizes of commercial buildings)
  • Portable Buildings and Structures (Screw Piling for added security and durability of portable structures)

Steel Pile Accessories

As part of our complete assortment of solutions, Piling Victoria can supply Galvanized piles, brackets and assemblies, facilitating quick and easy connection to above ground structures.  We also provide the option of fixed or adjustable assemblies, allowing for time efficient installation of the above structures.

Engaged Screw Piles

Blade Pile products are our products of choice. These steel piles and accessories are:

– Australian Made

– High Tensile 350 Grade

– Available in various pile sizes to cater to a broad range of design requirements, tension and compression loads.

– Ideally used to support Conventional Concrete Slabs, Waffle Pod Slabs, Traditional Footings and Retaining Walls.

* Note that the preferred option for Conventional and Waffle Pod Slabs is to use a pile cap.

Pile Caps for Steel Piles

Pile Caps are compatible with the Blade Pile and they serve as a great alternative to concrete bored piers or timber piles. Essentially, these caps isolate the steel pile from the foundations by providing a structural slip joint for reactive clay sites. This method secures the integrity of the poly plastic membrane by placing the cap below the membrane and eliminating the need to penetrate it.

Lateral Load Pile

A lateral load pile can be used to support more than just compressive loads. Lateral load piles have an enlarged fin assembly to support lateral loads above the ground such as fences, columns, poles and prefabricated buildings. Their versatility and durability makes them a popular choice among architects.