Pile Installation and Beyond

Our services entail more than just pile installation. Piling Victoria delivers complete and integrated solutions by working with your architects, engineers, builders and concreters. Our professionals will collaborate closely with your project team to achieve high quality and cost effective installation in your required timeframe. We are compliant with Australian Standards AS2870 and AS2159.

At Piling Victoria, we are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience that allows us to specialise in the installation of all types of screw-in piles and foundations. Our scope of work extends from residential to commercial and architecturally designed buildings.

Quality assurance

Every piling installation is monitored by Piling Victoria to ensure best practice and quality control at every stage from construction to pile installation. During the installation process, we record the depth and torque of every pile, which is relayed back to our piling operations database in real time. Once the installation is complete, a full report is provided back to the builder and building inspector usually within 24 hours.

Pile Design

Piling Victoria work with some of Australia’s largest Engineering companies to provide everything from general assistance with pile designs through to fully independent certified custom pile designs.